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CCCM Accomplishments

CCCM Accomplishments Based on the Morale Leadership Model Drafted May 20, 2002:

    1. Improved Campus Communications

      a. Information Distribution
      -Worked with Computing and Communications, Human Resources, and Marketing & Media Relations to establish kiosks at select locations throughout campus for use by staff members without computer access.

      b. Information Updates
      -Updated and upgraded the Chancellor's Committee on Campus Morale website.
      -Established a link from the UCR home page.
      -Motivated the establishment of Inside UCR, the faculty and staff newsletter.

      c. Employee Participation
      -Encouraged and promoted staff attendance at Chancellor's Open Forums, Staff Assembly general meetings, and other public forums.
      -Improved information sharing by encouraging campus administration to increase the frequency and effectiveness of e-mail notifications sent to staff members.

    2. Best Practices
      -Defined best practices for the purpose of improving morale at UCR.
      -Collected information from other organizations regarding best practices related to improving morale.

    3. Staffing Levels, Classification, and Salary
      a. Staffing Levels
      -Worked with Senior Administrative Managers (SAM) Group to begin a study investigating the workload of Student Affairs Officers at UCR.

      b. Classification/Job Descriptions

      c. Salaries

    4. Mediation
      -Assessed campus needs with respect to mediation and made progress in establishing effective mediation programs.

    5. Parking
      Communication & Consultation, Current Policy & Implementation, and Development of Future Policy
      -Worked with Transportation & Parking Services and the UCR Staff Assembly to assure a staff member's participation on the Parking Advisory Committee.

    6. Ongoing Input

    7. Respectful Treatment of Everyone
      a. Statement of Community
      -Worked with campus administration to draft, publish, and implement the Principles of Community.

      b. Diversity
      -Worked with campus administrators to draft, publish, and implement A Framework for Diversity.

      c. Follow-Up

    8. Managerial Accountability
      a. Training
      -Influenced the development of various supervisory training courses offered through the Human Resources Education & Development program.
      -Influenced the renewed emphasis on performance appraisals and the associated training for supervisors.

      b. Review

    9. Staff Involvement in Campus Change
      a. Building Committees
      -Influenced the increased inclusion of staff members on new-building committees.

      b. Planning for the Future
      -Promoted the increased inclusion of staff members on campus committees and task forces.

    10. Staff Recognition

    11. Reassessing Morale
      -Proposed the concept of the Chancellor's Committee on Career Excellence to the Executive Vice Chancellor/Provost

Inquiries regarding the work of the Chancellor's Committee on Campus Morale should be referred to the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost

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